The most important person you will ever communicate with is yourself. In fact, you may not even be aware that you have a constant dialog going about yourself to yourself, and a lot of it, sometimes all of it, is a loop of relentless chatter that has you stuck in the past and afraid of the future. Unless and until you become aware of and silence your inner critic, you will not be able to fully and authentically communicate who you are to yourself and others. 

You know that inner critic. We all have one. (At times it feels like a whole group of naysayers.) It’s that voice inside your head that beats you up constantly: You’re not __________ [fill in the blank: good enough/smart enough/good looking enough/creative/interesting….]  The inner critic loves to take direct aim at your communication skills because it knows how important they are. That’s why it says things like: You are not outgoing enough for public speaking/You’re going to bomb the presentation/Your resume is lame/Your cover letter sucks…. No one is going to hire you. 

Sometimes the inner critic shifts to the inner ruminator. The inner ruminator pulls you back into the past so you can relive pain or regret over and over again, which is pointless and painful. Sometimes it shifts to the inner worrier and gets you worked up about the future, which is pointless and painful. Meanwhile you miss out on the present time of your life where all the magic happens  —  where your senses are engaged, where you are awake and where all creativity is sparked. 

That inner critic is relentless, clever, nasty, and unfortunately, very good at communicating with you. It’s so good that the lies it tells you sound exactly like the truth. 

Hi, and welcome to my blog, The Conscious Communicator. My name is Susan, and I am a college professor who teaches/has taught a range of communication courses  —  human communication, business communication, public relations, strategic social media, public speaking, blogging, feature writing, technical writing, personal branding and career/portfolio preparation to undergraduate and graduate students in Philadelphia. I work with high school students, too, coaching them on writing their college essays.

I am also an author/co-author (here’s my Amazon page) of a range of books, and a wife and a mom to an almost-grown up son. You can read more about my professional background here if you’re interested. 

I am here to help you be a more conscious communicator  —  meaning you are able to be clear, calm and accurate in your thinking and self-communication, which will then help you better and more fully communicate with others. The tips and advice you will find here are indeed a mix of the truly practical  —  from optimizing your LinkedIn page to overcoming your fear of public speaking  —  along with the unapologetically inspirational  — how to know you’re in creative flow to being okay with not knowing what comes next. 

I hope you find the posts here helpful and inspiring, and if you do, please follow my blog, share the posts, and please let me know if there is any communication advice you would like to see here.